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bristle a stiff, short hair or fiber
circular forming, moving, or being like a circle, round, indirect
coarse low, common, or of poor quality; made of comparativley large parts; rough to touch' using bad manners or rude language
discard to get rid of or throw away
extreme to the highest or greatest degree; exaggerated; farther possible
focus sharpness or clarity; the center of activity or intrest
grasp to take hold with the arms or hands; to take eagerly; to understand
inspire to guide, excite, uplift, or encouarge; to bring about or cause
magnify to increase in importance, exaggerate; to make bigger
marine realated to or of the sea, sailing, or shipping; realated to the seagoing branch of the armed forces
quake to shake or move back and forth; to tremble
troublesome difficult; causing annoyance, bother, or worry
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