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Tong USH WW2

Where did the D-Day invasion occur? Normandy, France
What is the historical significance of Dresden, Germany? Allied bombing of a mostly civilian city
Which countries were invaded by Hitler’s armies? Belgium, Denmark, Norway, France, Poland, Netherlands
Which countries were a part of the Pacific Theater of war? Japan, China, Indonesia, Burma, Australia, Philippines
Which cities were bombed extensively by Axis Powers? London, Stalingrad, Hamburg
Which cities were bombed extensively by Allied Powers? Dresden, Berlin, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki
Which places were used as extermination and work camps by German forces? Majdenek, Landsberg, Auschwitz
In the movie, why did most American soldiers die before they touched the beach? Killed by automatic gunfire as they left transports and drowned when dropped off in deep water
In the movie, what signalled to German troops that American soldiers were out of ammunition? “Ping” sound of the empty magazine from the M-1 rifle
In the movie, what did a red and white flag with a black star signify (stand for)? Mother had a son in the military overseas
In the movie, what were the common tactics of the American soldiers in land engagements? Use of sniper to scout, officer gives assignments to spread out soldiers, soldiers act in pairs or triads
In the movie, what were the positions of the soldiers in a squad when walking from one place to another? Point, flank, sweep
How did the Selective Service change to meet the needs of the nation? Expanded the draft to 10 million men, included African-Americans
How many of each minority group volunteered to serve in the war? African Americans 1 million, Mexican Americans 300,000, Chinese Americans 13,000, Japanese Americans 33,000, Native Americans 25,000
How did war industries meet their needs for labor when most men left for Europe? Employed women for traditionally male jobs. Employed minority workers.
How did Hollywood help mobilization? Propaganda and informational films, escapist movies such as musicals and romances
What did the OSRD accomplish during the war? Improve radar and sonar, use of pesticides and pencillin, develop the atomic bomb
How did the OPA affect civilians during the war? Keep prices low by freezing wages, prices, and rents. Rationed foods.
How did the Allies win the Battle of the Atlantic? Organized ships into convoys and build more ships
What caused the German loss in the Battle of Stalingrad? Weather (rain and snow)
Which ethnic minority groups of American soldiers distinguished themselves during the war? Native Americans, Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans
Who were the American generals assigned to liberate Europe? Eisenhower and Bradley
When was V-E Day and what does “V-E” stand for? May 8, 1945. Victory in Europe
Created by: mrscindytong