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U.S. Presidents

George Washington 1789-97 End of Revolution, new government, farewell address
John Adams 1797-1801 Alien & Sedition Acts
Thomas Jefferson 1801-09 Marbury vs. Madison, Louisiana purchase, Barbary war
James Madison 1809-17 War of 1812
James Monroe 1817-25 Era of good feeling, industrial doctrine, Monroe doctrine
John Quincy Adams 1825-29 Corrupt bargain
Andrew Jackson 1829-37 Spoils system, tariff of abominations, Indian removal act, bank of U.S.
William Harrison 1841 First president to die in office, Tecumseh curse
John Tyler 1841-45 Vetoed bank of U.S., no support
James K Polk 1845-49 Manifest Destiny, Mexican War, Gold Rush
Zachary Taylor 1849-50 Hero of Mexican War, 'Old rough and ready', died in office
Millard Fillmore 1850-53 Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Law, Uncle Tom, trade with Japan
Franklin Pierce 1853-57 Kansas- Nebraska act, Bloody Kansas, Dred Scott decision
James Buchanan 1857-61 Railroads, Cotton Kingdom, John Brown/Harpers Ferry
Abraham Lincoln 1861-65 Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation, Proc. Gettysburg address, assassinated
Andrew Johnson 1865-69 Recon- Radical Republicans, 13th & 14th amendments, impeached
Ulysses S Grant 1869-77 Recon- Carpetbaggers & scalawags, 15th amendment
Rutherford B Hayes 1877-81 Ended Reconstruction, Jim Crow laws, Cattle Kingdom
James A Garfield 1881 assassinated
Chester A Arthur 1881-85 immigration boom, 'Elegant Arthur'
Grover Cleveland 1885-89 Interstate Commerce Act
Benjamin Harrison 1889-93 Plains Indian conflicts, Sherman Anti-trust act, populist
Grover Cleveland 1893-97 Age of invention Plessy vs. Ferguson
William McKinley 1897-01 Alaska & Hawaii, Spanish-American War, assassinated
Theodore Roosevelt 1901-09 Panama Canal, trust busting , Square Deal
William Howard Taft 1909-13 16th & 17th amendments
Woodward Wilson 1913-21 New Freedom, 18th and 19th amendments, World War 1, Russian Rev.
Warren Harding 1921-23 Ohio gang, teapot dome, ect. scandals, died in office
Calvin Coolidge 1923-29 "Silent Cal", Jazz Age, Roaring 20s
Herbert Hoover 1929-33 Great Depression, Bonus Army
Franklin Delano Rooselvent 1933-45 New Deal, World War II, 4 terms, died in office
Harry S Truman 1945-53 Korean War, McCarthyism & Red Scare
Dwight D Eisenhower 1953-61 Alaska & Hawaii, Iron Curtain, Brown vs. Board of Ed., Civil Rights
John F Kennedy 1961-63 Camelot, Peace Corps, Bay of Pigs & Cuban Missile, assassination
Lyndon B Johnson 1963-69 Great Society, Civil Rights, Vietnam
Richard Nixon 1969-74 Woodstock, Watergate, impeached
Gerald Ford 1974-77 Only appointed, not elected president
Jimmy Carter 1977-81 Inflation & Oil Crisis, Camp David Accords, Cold War, Iranian Hostages
Ronald Regan 1981-89 Cold War & Arms Race, Iron-Contra Scandal, challenger
George H Bush 1989-93 End of Cold War & fall of communism, Persian Gulf, Yugoslavia
Bill Clinton 1993-2001 Health Care Reform, Okla bombing, Lewinsky, Columbine
George W Bush 2001-09 9-11 & Terrorism, War in Afghanistan, Iraqi War
Barack Obama 2009-17 Death of binladen, banking bailout, Obama Care, gay marriage
Donald Trump 2017- present Build wall to block out illegal immigrants
Martin Van Buren 1837-41 Panic of 1837
Created by: feliciavigil95
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