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chapter 41


MO that will not grow in oxygen obligate of strict anaerobe
anaerobes are killed in a few minutes when exposed to oxygen
proper collection is important with anaerobes because they are present in large number in normal flora
collection techniques must avoid the contamination of the specimen by normal anerobic flora
anaerobes are found deep in the body (so no O2)
how many types of anaerobic transport systems are there? 3
rubber stoppered collection vials are used for liquid specimens
oxygen free collections tubs for swab specimens
self contained anaerobic bag for tissue specimens
some gram positive anaerobes will stain pink
gram staining will improve in an anaerobic chamber
cannot be used when processing anaerobes candle jars
specimens may be processed in a biological safety cabinet after incubation
anaerobes are incubated in anaerobic jars or pouches
anaeobic conditions are maintained by a flow of N2 gas
Anaerobic media should be pre reduced by being stored under anaerobic conditions
cycloserine cefoxitin fructose agar or egg yolk agar is used for Clostridium difficile
purchased pre reduced media pras
pras stands for prereduced, anaerobically sterilized media
name for gram neg, anaerobic rods bacteroide
what grows on Laked kanamycin-vancomycin blood agar? bacteroides and Prevotella
anaerobes grow slowly
they only generate 2 atp
controls for anerobic condtions Clostridium, colorless in the absence of oxygen
plates that show no growth are incubated for 5 additional days
Anaerobes give off identifying gases
gases can be analyzed for identification by Gas liquid chromatography and High resolution gas chromatography
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