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1950's- 1960's

sit in blacks sat in a public place that they weren't welcome at and wanted to make a statement
martin luther king jr. major black activist that gave "I have a dream speech"
john f. k president in the 60's, assasinated
gi bill of rights made subsidies available to veterans to help finish education
harry s truman roosevelt's vice president, came into office when he died in 1944.
taft-hartley act new workers had to join a union before being employed try to prevent strikes
containment try to keep communism in russia and other eastern countries. did not want it to spread
manhattan project program to build a secret nuclear bomb
red army stalin's army division
truman doctrine support free people in the middle east in communism stared to spread
marshall plan plan to help rebuild europe after the war
berlin airlift blockade to west berlin, US dropped food and other supplies to help keep them alive
fair deal rise minimum wage and fund housing projects
berlin wall divide east and west berlin, keep noncommunist out of berlin
bay of pigs us military leaders who took advantage of weak president and pushed for more unneeded action
cuban missle crisis missiles and bombs were out in cuba by russia and aimed at the us
great society johnsons attempt to make it to where there was no poverty
civil rights act of 1965 outlawed descrimination against blacks and other races
medicare for people over 65 to give them insurance on medical problems. better retirement
voting rights act of 1965 protected the blacks right to vote, insured their registration
watergate scandal nixon payed criminals that stole documents to conceal whitehouse involvement