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New Women women anting to be new or equal after the war.
Bonus army task force sent to the flats to disperse weapons. Mostly criminals and radicals
great depression economic depression in the early 30's
reparations paying for a war because it was your fault
peace without a sword handling of foreign affairs without causing conflict and force. under collage
age of the consumer people produced less but consumed more
harlam renaissance large black community flourished and made great changes in society
Hervert hoover president during the depression. blamed for it
Jim Thorpe great athlete of the early 1900's
National Womens Party padical feminist group founded after they found out they really weren't treated equal because of voting
Margeret sanger leading american proponent of birth control
national origins act caused foreign population to drop 13% in 1920
KKK radical racist group that persecuted blacks
henry ford Made Ford cars, invented the assembly line and interchangable parts
fundamentalism Take bill literally. do exactly what it says.