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Unit 8

US History

Why did President Johnson commit American troops to Vietnam? He believed troops could contain communism
What did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution allow President Johnson to do? Allowed LBJ to take all the necessary measures to defend US forces in Vietnam. Write a blank check
What was Operation Rolling Thunder? Gradual and sustained bombardment campaign against North Vietnam.
Why did President Truman back France in Southeast Asia in the 1940/50s? He didn't want another communist victory
What was the Domino Theory? The idea that if a nation falls to communism, its closest neighbors will also fall under communist control
What were the Geneva Accords? They created 2 Vietnam's, North and South???
How did President Johnson escalate American involvement in Vietnam in 1964/65? Sent/drafted more troops.
What is Agent Orange? Mixture of chemicals during the Vietnam War to disrupt the food supply in Vietnam.
Who is Ho Chi Minh? Communist leader of North Vietnam
What was the Vietcong's war strategy in the Vietnam War? Surprise attacks and mostly at night
By the end of 1965, most American soldiers in Vietnam were there due to what reason? They were drafted
What happened at Dien Bien Phu in 1954? The Vietnamese pushed the French out of Vietnam
What were AA soldiers involved in more than any other ethnic groups during the Vietnam War? Combat Positions
What did the Selective Service system do to eliminate deferments?
Why did the Tet Offensive damage morale in the US? It showed the the communists hadn't lost the will to fight and the war wasn't close to ending. Many US troops died.
In March 1968, what surprising announcement did President Johnson make to the American people? He would not be running for president again.
Who won the 1968 Presidential election? Richard Nixon
Between August 1965 and August 1968, in what way did the number of Americans who believed US military involvement in Vietnam was a mistake change? The number of people who believed fighting in Vietnam was wrong increased by 29%
What 1968 event caused US military leaders to be concerned that a quick end to the war was not possible? the Tet Offensive
Why did President Nixon order the secret bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Cambodia? to disrupt communist supplies
How did President Nixon try and break the stalemate of peace in 1970? bombed Vietman
What occurred at My Lai? American forces opened fire on Vietnamese Citizens and hundreds died
What did the Pentagon Papers reveal? That American leaders misled Congress and the American people about the war
What was the result of the Vietnam War? The Paris Peace Accords ended the war. Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam became communist. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial was dedicated in Washington DC.
What effect did Nixon's Visit have on relations between China and the US, according to Zhou Enlai? Ended 25 years of no communication between the US and China. Improved trade relations
How did the Soviet Union respond to the normalization of relations between China and the US? Nixon was invited to the Soviet Union.
What was SALT I? Signed by the US and USSR to reduce both nuclear weapons and tensions between the nations.
What was the main difference between Doves and Hawks regarding US presence in Vietnam? The Doves opposed US involvement in the Vietnam War, while the Hawks supported US involvement.
What were the Pentagon Papers? papers of a US government study that showed the US government wasn't being truthful with the American people about the Vietnam War
Which country did President Nixon visit to improve trade relations? China
What did the baby boom generation value? Counterculture
How did the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s affect American society? people talked more openly about sex
How was the second wave of feminism different than the first wave of feminism? Women wanted full equality with men, not just the right to vote
What event helped create the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s? political and social events of the 1950's and the Vietnam War
How did the deaths of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix lead to the end of the counterculture movement? Showed that drug overdoses can kill you.
Which defining characteristic of the counterculture provided the foundation for the various rights movements that followed it? question the government
What main demand of Native American advocacy groups was met with the passage of the Indian Self-Determination Act of 1975? Granted tribes greater control over reservations
What were the two major goals that the National Organization for women worked toward when it was first founded? Protecting reproductive freedom and pass the ERA or Equal Rights Amendment
What were the results of the women's rights movement? Women were paid more than they were originally, they were given more opportunity in education and sports.
What was the primary purpose of the Native American occupation of Alcatraz? Draw attention to broken treaties
Why was The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1966 significant? Recognized the right of consumers to buy safe cares
In what way did the US government expand the rights of people with disabilities in the 1960s and 1970s? They passed laws guaranteeing the disabled access to education
What was Congress's response to Carson's publishing of Silent Spring in 1962? Congress restricted the use of DDT
How did the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio affect the environmental movement? It raised awareness of environmental issues
What was the purpose of Earth Day in 1970? Promote environmental protection
Who created the EPA and why? Nixon bc the Cuyahoga River caught fire from oil and byproducts of industry. This would help protect the environment.
Why were people against government regulations to protect the environment? They said that the government shouldn't put restrictions on private property.
What did radical women's rights groups do to try and further the women's rights movement? passed the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
Why did Nixon support environmental reforms in the early 1970s? gain supporters in order to be reelected; the public became increasingly concerned with the environment
How did the Native American Movement confront the federal government in the 1970s? A march from San Francisco to Washington DC
What was the Chicano Movement? Increased Latino awareness of their history and culture.
How did the people with disabilities gain rights? The laws of the 1960/70s guaranteed the disabled rights to an education.
What was Love Canal, and how did it lead to Congressional action? toxic waste site that was under buildings, the waste started to come through the ground: Congress established Superfund
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