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Unit 8

Domino Theory idea that if a nation falls to communism its closet neighbors will also fall under communist control
Dien Bien Phu battle where Ho Chi Minh led forces and overthrew the French in Vietnman
SEATO defense alliance aimed at preventing communist aggression in the Asia
Vietcong south Vietnamese communist forces rebels that waged a guerilla war against the government of South Vietnam throughout the Vietnam war
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 1964 congressional resolution that authorized President Johnson to commit US troops to South Vietnam and fight a war against North Vietnam
Napalm jellied gasoline dropped in large canisters that explode on impact and cover large areas in flames-dropped by US government during the Vietnam War
Hawk a person who supports US involvement in the Vietnam War
Dove a person who opposes US involvement in the Vietnam War
Draftee a young American man drafted into military service during the Vietnam War
Students for a Democratic Society organization founded in 1960 at U of M to fight racism and poverty
Tet Offensive coordinated communist assault on a large number of South Vietnamese cities in early 1968
Credibility Gap the American public's growing distrust of the statements made by the US government during the Vietnam War
Vietnamization President Nixon's plan for gradual withdraw of US forces as South Vietnamese troops assumed more combat duties
Kent State University Event demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at National Guard members, shots were fired and 4 people were killed
My Lai Massacre village in South Vietnam where in 1968 American forces opened fire on unarmed civilians:400-500 were killed
Pentagon Paper classified US government study that revealed American leaders intentionally involved the US in Vietnam without full informing the American people:leaked to the NY Times in 1971
Pairs Peace Accords 1973 peace agreement between the US, the Vietcong, South and North Vietnam that effectively ended the Vietnam War
War Powers Act 1973 law passed by Congress restricting the president's war making powers: the law requires the President to consult with Congress within 48 hours of committing American forces to a foreign conflict
Realpolitik a foreign policy promoted by Henry Kissinger during the Nixon Administration based on concrete national interests instead of abstract ideologies
Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty 1972 treaty between the US and Soviet Union that froze the deployment of intercontinental ballistic missiles and place limits on anti ballistic missiles
D├ętente flexible diplomacy adopted by Richard Nixon that sought to ease tensions between the US, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China
Counterculture movement that upheld values different from those of mainstream culture
Generation Gap lack of understanding and communication between older and younger members of society
The Beatles popular band from England that came to the US in 1941
Commune small communities where people share resources
Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco-center of the counterculture
Feminism theory that men and women should have political, social and economic equality
National Organization for Women organization established by Betty Friedan to combat discrimination against women in the workplace and education
Equal Rights Amendment proposed amendment to the Constitution that guarantees gender equality
Roe v. Wade court case that allowed legal abortion
Title IX act passed to give more opportunity to women in higher education and sports
Migrant Farmworker person who travels from farm to farm and sometimes from state to state to pick fruit and vegetables
United Fam Workers labor union of farmworkers that used nonviolent tactics including a workers strikes and a consumer boycott of table grapes
Chicano Movement movement that focused on raising Mexican American consciousness
American Indian Movement group that focused on helping Indians including the securing of legal rights, land, and self-government for Native Americans
Toxic Waste poisonous byproducts of human activity
Earth Day annual event of environmental activism and protest begun in 1970
Environmental Protection Agency government agency committed to cleaning up and protecting the enviornment
Clean Air Act act passed in 1970 that lessened air pollution by limiting the emissions from factories and automobiles
Clean Water Act 1973 law that restricted the pollution of water by industry and agriculture
Endangered Species Act law passed in 1973 with the purpose of protecting endangered plants and animals
Ho Chi Minh Vietnamese who led the revolution against the French in Vietnam and the North Vietnamese troops in the Vietnam war
Lyndon B. Johnson US president who put troops in Vietnam
Robert Kennedy governor who ran for President in 1968 and was killed by Sirhan Sirhan
Richard Nixon won the 1968 presidential election invited to china and the soviet union
Dr. Henry Kissinger Nixon's national security advisor-proposed realpolitik
J. Joplin & J. Hendrix leaders of the counterculture that died of drug overdose
Gloria Steinem American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist, leader of the the feminist movement
Phyllis Schlafly lawyer and opposer of the feminist movement
Cesar Chavez migrant worker who founded the UFW
Rachel Carson author of "Silent Spring"
Created by: opal.eddy