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Social Studies #1

Principals of American Democracy & Rights, Responsibilities and History

What is the supreme law of the land? the united states constitution
What are the rights and freedoms found in the first amendment? Speech, Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition the government
What are the tasks of the constitution? It sets up the government, defines the government, and protects basic rights of Americans
What is the name for a change to the constitution? Amendment
What are the three words that encompass the idea of self- government? We The People
What are the number of justices on the supreme court? nine
what are the number of years a u.s senator serves? Six years
Federal laws are make by... Congress
what is the next person in line for presidency after the president and vice president speaker of the house of representatives
task of the judicial branch of government decide the constitutionality of law
what is the rule of law everyone must follow the law, leaders must obey the law, government must obey the law, and no one is above the law
task of the presidential cabinet advise him and assist him in carrying out his duties
rights found in the declaration of independence life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness
month of presidential elections november
cabinet-level position sec. agriculture, attorney general sec, of education, vice president sec. commerce, sec. of defense, sec. homeland security, sec of state +8 more
years a u.s. representative seves two years
system that stops one branch of government from becoming too powerful checks and balances
the economic system of the u.s. capitalist economy, market economy
the number of representatives per state is determined by population
the job of a u.s senator is to represent all the people in their state
pledge of allegiance the united states flag
Involvement in the American political process publicly support or oppose an issue or policy
requirements of u.s. citizenship defend the constitution and laws of u.s.
26th amendment 18
u.s. citizenship responsibility to serve a jury
first north american inhabitants native americans
selective service age 18
reason for colonial immigration religious freedom
u.s. constitution rights freedom of speech, right to bear arms
American slave labor africans
colonial resistance against Great Britain high taxes
colonies became states virginia, georgia, pennsylvania, deleware, north crolina, maryland, south carolina, new hampshire, connecticut, massachusettes, new york, new jersey, rhode island
leader of the new republic/ father of our country george washington
the country doubles in size the louisiana purchase
the war of rebellion, the war of northern aggression, the war of southern aggression the u.s. civil war
16th president Abraham Lincoln
U.s. & global conflict word war 1
u.s. vs. axis power germany, japan, itay
war of words communism
"I have a dream" advocate for civil rights, martin luther kind jr.
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