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5th Grade History Ch

Egyptians settle in the Nile River valley around 4000 BC
Invention of writing around 3200 BC
Khufu builds the Great Pyramid of Giza around 2900 BC
Birth of Abraham around 2000 BC
Code of Hammurabi around 1750 BC
The Exodus 1446 BC
Trojan War 1250 BC
David becomes king of Israel around 1010 BC
First Olympic Games 776 BC
Roman Republic founded 753 BC
Babylonian destruction of Solomon's Temple 586 BC
Battle of Marathon 490 BC
Death of Socrates 399 BC
Alexander the Great defeats Darius III of Persia 331 BC
Great Wall of China completed 214 BC
Julius Caesar assassinated by senators 44 BC
Birth of Jesus 3 BC
Death and Resurrection of Jesus around 30 AD
Destruction of Jerusalem by Romans 70 AD
Division of Roman Empire into east and west 286 AD
Edict of Milan 313 AD
Council of Nicaea 325 AD
Patrick arrives in Ireland around 432 AD
Fall of the Western Roman Empire 476 AD
Columba evangelizes Britain 563 AD
The Hegira begins the Muslim era 622 AD
Charlemagne crowned 1st Holy Roman Emperor 800 AD
Reign of Alfred the Great begins 871 AD
Leif Ericson sails to the New World around 1000 AD
Normans conquer England at the Battle of Hastings 1066 AD
Signing of the Magma Carta 1214 AD
Marco Polo begins journey to China 1270 AD
Birth of John Wycliffe 1324 AD
The Renaissance begins around 1350 AD
Guttenberg printing press invented around 1456 AD
Columbus lands in the New World 1492 AD
Martin Luther's 95 Thesis 1517 AD
Magellan's crew circumnavigates the globe 1522 AD
Church of England established 1534 AD
English defeat the Spanish Armada 1588 AD
Jamestown colony founded 1607 AD
King James Version printed 1611 AD
House of Burgesses formed in Virginia 1619 AD
Mayflower Compact 1620 AD
Massachusetts Bay Colony founded 1630 AD
The Enlightenment begins around 1687 AD
The beginning of the Great Awakening 1740 AD
End of the French and Indian War 1763 AD
Patriots have a Tea Party in Boston 1773 AD
First shot of American Revolution fired 1775 AD
Declaration of Independence signed 1776 AD
US Constitution ratified 1788 AD
Lewis and Clark expedition begins 1804 AD
Slave trade abolished in Britain 1807 AD
War of 1812 1812 AD
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