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Ch 16 & 17

Civil War and Reconstruction

Emancipation Proclamation issued by Abraham Lincoln Jan. 1. 1863 freed slaves in all states in rebellion against the union
Lincoln's Assassination killed by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater
Andrew Johnson Became our 17th President after Lincoln was assassinated
13th Amendment abolished slavery
14th Amendment if born in the USA you are a citizen
15th Amendment all males could vote no matter their race
Fort Sumter first battle of Civil War
Bull Run Both sides realized the war wouldn't be short
Battles of the Ironclads first battle between 2 iron ships
Shiloh Named after a church on the battlefield
New Orleans gained access to the Mississippi River and port at New Orleans
Antietam Bloodiest battles of Civil War Emancipation Proclamation Issued after this battle
Gettysburg turning point in Civil War
Sherman's March to Sea Atlanta to Savannah Georgia Total War Destroyed the South's will to fight
54th Massachusetts All African American regiment who fought at the Battle of Charleston showing their bravery.
Freedmen's Bureau agency established in the South to help freed African Americans
West Virginia 41 counties in the Western part of Virginia who seceded from the state to join the Union during the Civil War
Tenure of Office Act required the President to get te Senate's approval before dismissing a cabinet member
Edwin Stanton was dismissed from his cabinet position by President Johnson without the Senate approval
Presidential Election of 1876 Winner Rutherford B. Hayes
Compromise of 1877 Deal between members of Congress that ended Reconstruction restoring the South to its old ways
Appomattox Courthouse location of where General Lee surrendered to General Grant
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