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1950's and 1960's

What did the Taft-Hartley Act outlaw? Closed shop
What did the Berlin Airlift do? placed Soviets in an uncomfortable position
What program urged congress to raise minimum wage and fund an ambitious public housing program? Fair Deal
What led to Truman calling for a rapid expansion of the Nuclear arsenal? The Soviet Union detonated an atomic bomb
What was America's first line of defense against communism in Asia? Island hopping, the bases in Philippines and Japan
Who controlled the democratic Republic of Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh
What was the Eisenhower Dolles Foreign Policy? The United States would create many nuclear weapons to have defense against Korea and to keep the Chinese and the Soviet Union from acting out.
What was the McCarthy-Army hearing about? McCarathy accused officials in the Pentagon of blackmailing his committee.
Who was part of the puppet kingdoms? Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam
What was the reason behind the National Highway System? If the Soviets ever launched a nuclear attack the target cities would be congested and it would make the army easier to mobililze
What was one thing Kennedy declared would be stopper? The spread of Communism
What was the Berlin Wall for? To stop the flow of East Germans into the noncommunist area
The Cuban Missile Crisis led to the signing of of a treaty that outlawed what? Nuclear testing
Johnson created the great society to put a war on ____________. Poverty
Medicare is a system proposed for _______ __________. Hospital Insurance
Why did blacks in cities become outraged in 1968? Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered.
With the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Johnson authorized what? Air attacks in North Vietnam
What bills were passed under Nixon for his domestic policy? ONes creating the Environmental Protection Agency and the Clean Air Act.
What scandal was Nixon involved in? Watergate scandal
Created by: samantha.jones13