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Chapters 28 and 29

History 109

What put Soviets in an uncomfortable position where they would have fight if they wanted to keep supplies from West Berlin? Berlin Airlift
With Trumans victory he bagan to press forward with _____________ which urged Congress to raise minimum wage and fund public housing programs? Fair Deal
What court case made segregation illegal? Brown vs. Board of Education
What was a massive infussion of American aid to rebuild Europe after WWII called? Marshall Plan
What was caused when an immense number of nuclear bombs was loaded on the nations formidable fleet of bombers would ensure? Massive Retaliation
What endangered the very structure of our society? military industrial complex
Eisenhower called his warning of grave complications resulting from the conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry what? Military industrial complex
Kennedy stressed New Frontier
_________ called for an enormous military expansion. NSC-68
What conference moved to the forefront of the civil rights movement? Southern Christian Leadership Confrence
Truman asked congress to approve the ____________ which asked for $400 million in military and economic aid to Greece and Turkey. Truman Doctrine
What outlawed the closed shop which was a provision written into into many labor contracts? Taft-Hartley Act
What described a manic, drug laced flight from traditional values and institutions? Beat School
__________ was a barrier of concrete blocks and barbed wire across the city to stop the flow of East Germans into Berlin? Berlin Wall
What act outlawed discrimination by employers against blacks and women? Civil Rights Act of 1964
What new policy meant the relaxation of tensions between governments? Detene
Roosevelt declared war on poverty and set out to create a _______________ where poverty no longer exist? Great Society
Johnson composed a compulsory hospital insurance system called? Medicare
The __________ as a series of raids the communist did not expect? Teft offensive
Created by: Taylor.T.
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