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Junko Reagan Bush

Budget Deficit Yearly government spending exceeds income
Jerry Falwell The founder of the conservative movement called the moral majority that supported Ronald Reagan
Manuel Noriega The leader of Panama that was involved with the smuggling of drugs in to the United States
Iran Contra Affair The political scandal in which the Reagan administration traded guns for hostages in the Middle East
The New Right a coalition of conservative media, think tanks, and evangelical christian groups
Strategic Defense Initiative Also known as "Star Wars". This was Reagan's plan to build a missile shield.
Contras Name given to the anti-communist rebels fighting in Nicaragua
Tienanmen Square The site of a large protest against the Chinese government in 1989
"No New Taxes" George H.W. Bush's campaign promise that he was unable to keep
Space Shuttle Challenger This tragedy took place in 1986 which called for Reagan to comfort the American people
Gorbachev Leader of the Soviet Union that met with Ronald Reagan to reduce the number of nuclear weapons
California President Reagan was a governor in this State before becoming President
Grenada President Reagan sent troops to put down a communist coup in 1983
Nelson Mandela The leader of South Africa that was opposed to the Apartheid movement
Boris Yeltsin The leader of the Russian Republic after the fall of the Soviet Union
Saddam Hussein The leader of Iraq that attacked Kuwait in the Persian Gulf War
Jesse Jackson The first African American to win Super Tuesday states during the Democratic Primary of 1988
Oliver North Key Marine Colonel that helped to run the secret operation to fund the Contras in Nicaragua
Michael Dukakis The Democrat nominee that ran against George Bush in 1988
Sandinistas The pro Communist group in Nicaragua
Supply Side Economics Another name for Reagan's economic policy
Created by: mjunko1