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Unit 13

Cold War chapter 26

containment taking measures to prevent the spread of communism
Iron Curtain refers to the division of Europe, came from a speech given by Winston Churchill
Cold War conflict between the US and the USSR in which neither nation directly confronted each other on the battlefield
Truman Doctrine military arm of containment
Marshall Plan economic arm of containment
NATO defensive military alliance of America and 11 other nations to provide military support to one another
Blacklist list of people whom Hollywood executives condemned for having a communist background and their careers were ruined
McCarthyism attacks on suspected Communists
Brinkmanship belief that the US would use all of its force, including nuclear weapons against any aggressor nation
Warsaw Pact Soviet Union military alliance with seven other European countries
United Nations Peacekeeping body
HUAC House of Unamerican Activities Committee which investigated communist infiltration into the US government
Satellite nation nation controlled by the USSR after WWII
U2 Incident the capturing of an American pilot following the shooting down of his spy plane that increased tension between the US and USSR
Berlin Blockade attempt by Stalin to obtain all of Berlin, by blockading West Berlin. Americans saved the city airlifting in needed food and supplies for 11 months
arms race competition between the US and USSR in military technology, started with the A bomb and continued with the H bomb and ICBMs
CIA Central Intelligence Agency - designed to gather covert information on foreign nations
Sputnik World's first satellite launched by the Soviets
domino theory belief that if one nations falls to communism, so will another and another, justified involvement in Korea and Vietnam
Germany after the War divided into 4 zones occupied by the Allies, Soviets create East Germany
Korea divided into North and South, North Korea's invasion of South leads to the Korean War
Bert the Turtle Created by the Civil Defense Administration to educate kids on how to duck and cover for protection in the event of an atomic attack
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg husband and wife team executed for espionage in 1953
Pusan Perimeter area of American military in South Korea
General Douglas MacArthur led UN forces in the Korean War, wanted to broaden the war, crossed the 38th parallel causing China to enter the conflict
Changjin Reservoir engagement Marines were surprised, surrounded, and outnumbered by Chinese forces
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