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Vocabulary quiz 5/9

free enterprise system economic system in which businesses are owned by private citizens.
capitalist person who invests in a business to make a profit
factory system method of producing goods that brought workers and machinery together in one place
interchangeable parts identical, machine-made parts for a tool or instrument
urbanization movement of population from farms to cities
canal artificial channel filled with water to allow boats to cross a stretch of land
sectionalism loyalty to a state or section rather than to the whole country.
majority more than half
suffrage right to vote
states' rights idea that states have the right to limit the power of the federal government
secede to withdraw from membership in a group.
speculator person who invests in a risky venture in the hope of making a large profit.
annex to add on
cede to give up, as land
vigilante self-appointed law enforcer who deals out punishment without a trial.
Created by: KRago