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Ch. 12 section 4

Important people, events, and places

California Gold Rush 1)gold discovered in 1848 2)many came by sea 3) many by Oregon & Santa Fe Trail 4) 80% forty-niners 5) Chinese first large Asian group 6) established Cal. Chinese American community
Land Law of 1851 1) Established a group of reviewers to examine Californios land rights 2) two parties would go to court 3) Californio had to prove that he owned the land 4) some had proof 5) others lost their land
Life in California 1) cities grew during the Gold Rush 2) San Francisco went from a village to 20,000 3) people rushed and attacked hillsides 4) doubled the world's supply of gold 5) few found lasting wealth 6) lost riches through gambling & wild spending
Life in California continued 7)boomtown merchants made big profits 8) charged whatever they wanted for needed supplies 9 )Levi Strauss made the first jeans
Lasting Effects 1) Ag, shipping & trade grew 2) many people stayed in Cal. 3) 1850 Cal. applied for statehood 4) Southern states opposed because of the ban on slavery 5) a compromise was reached later in that year
Mormons 1) Members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints 2) sprang up during 1830's & 1840's 3) Joseph Smith the founder 4) began in 1830 5) published the Book of Mormon 6) property should be held in common 7) polygamy - multiple wives 8) gave up this practice
Mormons continued 9)strong ant-Mormon in NY forced them to leave 10) persecution of Mormons 11) killed Joseph Smith 12) Brigham Young took over as leader 13) moved west to Utah Salt Lake City 14) harsh terrain
Mormon Migration 1) migration began in 1846 2) 12,000 made the trip 3) path became known as the Mormon Trail 4) 1847 reached the Great Salt Lake 5) called the land deseret 5) set up farming communities 6) worked hard & had determination 7) built irrigation canals
Mormon Migration continued 8) founded industries 9) sold supplies to forty-niners 10) 1848 U.S. acquired Salt Lake area 11) Brigham Young made Governor of Utah Territory 12) U.S. & Mormon conflicts 13) statehood in 1896
Created by: mshellabarger
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