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WOD Test Words

WOD 100 word study

Garrulous Very talkative adj.
Myriad Too many to count n.
Pedestrian Common, dull, ordinary adj.
Arduous hard to do, difficult adj.
Impeccable Perfect, neat, faultless adj.
Herpetology Study of reptiles and amphibians n.
Ludicrous Ridiculous adj.
Novel New, unfamiliar adj.
Stymie To block or frustrate v.
Colossal Really big, huge adj.
Extrovert Someone who is outgoing n.
Gregarious Social, loves company adj.
Ambidextrous Able to use both hands equally well adj.
Irk To annoy or irritate v.
Placid Calm, peaceful adj.
Claustrophobia Fear of tight spaces n.
tenacious Stubborn, does not give up adj.
Benevolent Good, kind adj.
Malicious Bad, evil, without good intent adj.
Interminable Goes on forever and ever adj.
Gullible Easily tricked, willing to believe anything adj.
Vivacious Lively, fun to be with adj.
Lethargic Slow, without energy adj.
Pacific Calm and peaceful adj.
Intrepid Fearless and brave adj.
Fraternity Group of people with the same interest n.
Obdurate Stubborn adj.
Bibliophile Someone who loves books n.
Omnivore Eats both plants and animals n.
Credible Believable adj.
Defenestrate Throw out the window v.
Articulate Speak clearly v.
Petty Not important, small in value adj.
Upbraid To scold or criticize v.
Incognito In disguise adj.
Wax To get bigger v.
Wane To get smaller v.
Amble To walk in a relaxed manner v.
Trudge To walk in a tired way v.
Levity Silliness n.
Alleviate To make easier to do or endure v.
Urbane Polite, courteous adj.
Altruistic Helpful, concerned for others adj.
Parsimonious Stingy, not generous adj.
Audacious Daring and bold adj.
Glutton Someone who can't get enough n.
Insipid Dull and tasteless adj.
Literal Take it exactly as it’s spoken adj.
Figurative Has a creative meaning/image adj.
Verbatim Word for word adv.
Taciturn Silent, doesn't speak much adj.
Sage A wise person adj./n.
Agile Able to move easily adj.
Steadfast Loyal adj.
Insomnia Inability to sleep n.
Transgress To not follow the rules v.
Prodigy Highly talented child n.
Innocuous Harmless adj.
Inanimate Nonliving adj.
Toil To work long and hard v.
Optimist Positive person n.
Pessimist Negative person n.
Boisterous Noisy and excited adj.
Affluent Wealthy, rich adj.
Amicable Friendly adj.
Antiquated Old-fashioned, out of date adj.
Commendable Praiseworthy adj.
Conundrum Unsolved riddle or puzzle n.
Decorum Proper behavior, manners n.
Dehydrated Lacking water adj.
Dissect To separate into pieces v.
Dogged Suborn, not giving up adj.
Egregious Sticking out in a bad way adj.
Flaunt To show off v.
Apathetic not caring adj.
Ardent To have great feeling or passion for adj.
Cryptic In secret code adj.
Desist To stop doing something v.
Elite The best in the group n.
Din Loud, contagious noise n.
Disgruntled Unhappy, not content adj.
Endurance Ability to last or survive n.
Estrange To remove yourself from the group v.
Flourish To grow well, to thrive v.
Haggard Tired looking, exhausted adj.
Incessant Without stopping adj.
Ingrate Unappreciative person n.
Kindred A similar nature, related adj.
Latter The last mentioned in a list or group n.
Mammoth Gigantic, huge adj.
Mimic To copy or imitate v.
Monstrosity Giant, freak of nature n.
Oblivious Unaware, Not paying attention adj.
Oscillate To swing back and forth, to keep changing one's mind v.
Perturbed To be anxious, upset, disturbed adj.
Created by: savrod21