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Replacement Cold War

defensive alliance among the United States & western European countries to prevent a Soviet invasion of Western Europe NATO
the making of false accusations based on rumor or guilt by association, based off of a Senator who attempted to exploit American fears of a communist takeover McCarthyism
peacetime alliance between the Soviet Union & Eastern European soviet bloc countries Warsaw Pact
U.S. strategy for rebuilding & creating a stronger foundation for the countries of W. Europe, $13 billion provided in an attempt to eliminate the conditions that made communism successful Marshall Plan
America’s main foreign policy during the Cold War, U.S. must be leaders in the effort to stop the spread of communism, Containment
Countries subject to Soviet domination on the Western border of the USSR that would serve as a buffer zone against attacks, aka“Iron Curtain” Satellite Nations
Struggle between the US & USSR to develop more advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles & gain military superiority Arms Race
1947-1991, Political & military tension that developed following WWII between the U.S. & USSR Cold War
First artificial satellite to orbit the Earth in 1957  catalyst for Red Scare & the Space Race Sputnik
The decision to divide Germany into four zones was made at: Yalta Conference
Truman’s first meeting with Stalin is at the: Potsdamn Conference
Members of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) charged many Hollywood figures with: Being Sympathetic to Communist ideas
The Berlin Airlift was President Truman’s response to: The Soviet blockade if West Berlin
Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Power faded shortly after he Appeared on television in the Army-McCarthy hearing
The __________ gave billions of dollars to help rebuild Europe after World War II. Marshall Plan
the ability to come to the verge of war without actually going to war Brinkmanship
The policy of __________ is when making ones military so strong that no nation would dare attack Deterrence
a(n)_________ shows the names of people whom employers agree not to hire Blacklist
is the government treats everyone equally and is responsible for the well-being of the people. Communism
This person was accused of passing papers to a former communist in a pumpkin patch Alger Hiss
These people were convicted of stealing information on the Atomic Bomb. They were sentenced to death. The Rosenberg's
Who were the big three? Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin
What countries did the big three represent U.S., Great Britain, Russia
Through the ________________ new federal employees were to be investigated for communist activity before being hired. Loyalty Program
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