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FMS 8th Ch 16

U.S. History

Fort Sumter federal post in Charleston, South Carolina, that surrendered to the Confederacy
border states four slave states---Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, and Missouri--that bordered the north
Winfield Scott Union general with a two-part strategy for defeating the Confederacy
cotton diplomacy Confederate plan to enlist England's aid in return for continued cotton shipments
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson Confederate general who helped fight Union troops at the First Battle of Bull Run
First Battle of Bull Run battle near Manassas Junction, Virginia, in 1861
George McClellan general sent by President Lincoln to capture Richmond
Robert E. Lee Confederate general during many important battles of the Civil War
Seven Days' Battles series of battles that forced McClellan to retreat from near Richmond
Second Battle of Bull Run Confederate attack that helped push Union forces out of Virginia
Battle of Antietam battle in Maryland that resulted in Lee's retreat to Virginia
ironclads ships that were heavily armored with iron
Ulysses S. Grant Union general whose troops won several important battles on southern soil
Battle of Shiloh battle in which Union troops gained greater control of the Mississippi River valley
David Farragut naval leader who helped the Union take control of New Orleans
Siege of Vicksburg six-week blockade of Vicksburg that starved the city into surrender
Created by: Stoll FMS