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Chapter 17

Who is Martinn Luther? He started the Protestant Reformation?
What is Calvinism? A religion that says God already knows who will perish and who he will save.
What did the churh do to Martian Luther when he spoke out against them? They excommunicated him.
Why did the Catholic Church burn books? They came out with a decree that sas any books that are offensive to that religion will be gotten rid off.
How many kids did King Henry have? He had 1 boy and 2 girls.
What is the Renaissance? The rebirth of art and learning.
Name a famous painting from the Renaissance. The Mona Lisa.
What are partons of the arts? They are wealthy people who suport the arts finacially.
What is Luthern? A religion formed by Martin Luther.
How many books did they burn in Venice in one day? They burned 10,000 books in one day.
How many decrees did pope Paul III come out with? He came out with 4.
Who is the Medici Family? They were wealthy partons of the arts?
Who wrote the book The Prince? Machiavelli wrote the book The Prince.
What must a Renaissance woman be like? They must be charming, smart, witty and educated.
What must a Renaissance man be like? They must be good at many different proffesions.
Did Machiavelli say it was better to be feared of loved? He said it was better to be feared than loved.
What is the name of the art mostly used in the Renaissance time period? The art technique is called realism.
Who is an example of a Renaissance man? Leonardo Da Vinci is an example of a Renaissance man.
Who came out with the printing press? Guttenburg came out eith the printing press.
What is the Vernacular? It is the local language.
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