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Entrepreneur Someone who starts a business
Robber Barron Someone who uses ruthless business tactics
Monopoly A business that dominates an industry and has no competition
Philanthropist Someone who donates money
John D. Rockefeller Oil, Monopoly, Robber Baron
Andrew Carnegie Steel, Monopoly, Robber Baron
JP Morgan Bank, Robber Baron
Another name for a Monopoly Trust
Henry Ford The automobile, assembly line
Machine used for mass production of goods Assembly line
Middle Class New Social Class emerged from Industrial Revolution
Coal & Iron Two natural resources needed for Industrialization
Rural Country life
Urban City life
Laissez- Faire No government regulations
Social Darwinism Survival of the fittest
Nativists Americans who don't like immigrants- they will take away jobs
Labor Unions Organizations to help workers get better wages, hours
Irish First Catholic group, Potato famine
Jacob Riis Wrote How the other half lives- urban slums
Upton Sinclair Wrote the Jungle- Meat packing industry
Theodore Roosevelt President that tried to eliminate Monopolies- Trust busting
Sherman anti trust act A law to end Monopolies
Progressive movement Time period to eliminate corruption during the Industrial revolution
Muckrakers Photographers, journalist who exposed what businesses were doing wrong
Tenement housing act Law passed to help people living in slums- Jacob Riis
Pure Food and Drug act Law passed to make sure food was safe to eat- Upton Sinclair
Seneca Falls convention Meeting for women suffragette
Declaration of sentiments A document to gain rights for women
Fair Labor Standards act Law that eliminated Child Labor
Temperance movement Movement to ban alcohol
18th Amendment Prohibition- Banning the sale and distribution of alcohol
19th Amendment Women right to vote
Supply & Demand Prices depends on the demand and the supply of the products
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