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1920s A

Who created the WIB (War Industry Board)? Wilson
Who was Jeanette Ranklin? The first women to be elected into the house of representatives.
What is Collective Bargaining? Worker and employer come to an agreement.
What is Fabrication? Parts of a machine made in different states, then put together.
Who started the Railroad Administration? William MacAdoo
Who was the president of Germany during WW1? Hindenberg
What were German specialized soldiers called? Stormtroopers
Who started the Fuel Administration? Garfield
Who started the Fuel Administration? President Hoover
What did Congress increase to pay for the war? taxes
What did the American government sell to pay for the war? Liberty and victory bonds
Who founded the CPI (Committee of Public Information)? George Creel
Who did Robert Prager kill in the anti-German movement? Joe Reigel
What act says American soldiers cannot be disobedient in the military? Espionage Act
What act says American citizens cannot be disloyal to the government? Sedition Act
What is the name of the priest who broke the sedition act, praying for the war to stop? He was killed by his congregation. Herbert Bigalow
Who broke the Sedition Act, opposing the Mexican-American war? Ricardo Magon
Who founded the AEF (American Expeditionary Force)? John J. Pershing
Who was the Supreme Commander of the AEF (American Expeditionary Force)? Ferdinand Foch
Who didn't fight in the war because of his morals? He was later awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Alvin York
What says that European countries must teach new countries to be independent? Mandate System
What is the name of the event when Southern African Americans moved North? The Great Migration
Where is the New York Stock Exchange located? New York City, Wall Street and Broadway
Is Bull up or down? Up
Is Bear up or down? Down
What is stock speculation? Guessing what businesses will be successful
Who were flappers? Women who fought for their rights
What was different about flappers? Short hair
Name two 1920s tennis players. Bill Tillman, Helen Williams
Name four 1920s boxers. Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, James Braddock
Name two 1920s swimmers. Gertrude Ederle, Johnny Weismuller
Name three 1920s track Olympians. Erik Liddell, Harold Williams, Jim Thorpe
Name three 1920s football players. Red Grange, Glenn Warner, Knute Rockne
Created by: ddevinney
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