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Medieval words

Medieval words by Daniel mejia

Traditional Belief ,custom , or old way of doing something
Issue To put something forth officially
Transform To change something completely
Document Piece of paper that has official information on it
Establish To set up or start something
Expel To force someone to leave a place
Impose To introduce something and force people to accept it
Economy System by which a country's money and goods are produced and used
Clergy Group of peopl who give their lives to serve the church as priests, monks, and higher church officials
Pope Leo III Leo had left Rome after rivals had planned to bling him and remove him from office
Coronation Crowning ceremony
Pope Gregory VII He had strong ideas about the powers of the pope and issued a list of rules declaring his supreme authority
Secular Non church
Henry IV Reacted to Gregory's new rules by giving a clash of the two men
Excommunicate Means to exclude a person from a church or religious community.
William the Conqueror Invaded southern England and waited for England's army to confront them
King John He claimed to rule Normandy in France
common law body of law that has developed from custom and from judges decisions rather than laws passed by a law-making assembly
Habeas corpus refers to a court order to bring an arrested person before a judge or court
writ court order
Parliament An assembly of representatives who make laws.
Pilgrim Religious person who travels to a holy place to shrine
Crusade Christian religious war
Heresy A belief that is rejected by official church doctrine
Inquisition Was a church court designed to investigate and judge heretics.
Reconquista The movement to drive the Muslims from Spain
Isabella Her royal marriage took place in 1469
Ferdinand Married Isabella of Castile-Leon
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