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JLC 4thGr SS 4/27/17

JLC 4th Gr SS American Revolution War Unit Assessment

What does "liberty" mean? freedom
Which war caused the British to go into debt? French and Indian War
What is an ally? Someone who takes your side.
What does "No Taxation without Representation" mean? To not be taxed without having a say
Name a group who were Patriots during the Revolution? "Sons of Liberty"
Who was the leader of the British during American Revolutionary War? King George
What did the British do to repay the debt from the French and Indian War? Taxed the colonists
Who are the loyalists? People who are loyal to the king and do not want to break away from Britian
Taxes forced on colonist by the British. Sugar, Stamp, Tea
Two acts forced on colonists by British Townshend & Quartering
Name the act that forced colonist to allowed British soldiers to stay in their homes. Quartering
The riot between colonist and British soldiers that resulted in 5 deaths. Boston Massacre
What major event resulted from the Tea Tax? Boston Tea Party
Why did the First Continental Congress meet? Decide how colonist would respond to Intolerable Acts.
Name the first battles of the American Revolution Lexington & Concord
Who was chosen as Commander and Chief at the Second Continental Congress? George Washington
Why was the capture of Fort Ticonderoga considered a sneak attack? Colonist surprised the British, who were not prepared to fight
The colonist wrote an important letter to the King on July 4, 1776. What was the name of the letter? The Declaration of Independence
Who were the Hessian soldiers? German soldiers paid to help the British fight.
Which country joined the fight against the British after the Battle of Saratoga? France
Name the last battle of the American Revolution The Battle of Yorktown
What did Paul Revere do that made him famous? Rode his horse to warn colonists that the British were coming
What event officially ended the American Revolutionary War? The Treaty of Paris
Who became the first President of the United States? George Washington
Who were the "minutemen?" Colonists who were ready to fight in a moment.
Who were the Redcoats? British soldiers
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What did patriots want? Break away from the British
What did King George do as a response to the Boston Tea Party? Closed the harbor and imposed the Intolerable Acts
What was the result of the British winning the French and Indian War? The British gained new land in America
Why did the colonist participate in the Boston Tea Party? King George forced colonist to only buy English tea
How did the Boston Massacre start? A colonist and a soldier began fighting about the British being in Boston
What does it mean to revolt? to fight back against someone
Which side, patriot or loyalist, was Samuel Adams on? Patriots
Which side, patriot or loyalist was Joseph Brant on? Loyalist
Which side, patriot or loyalist were Paul Revere and Thomas Jefferson on? Patriots
Which side, patriot or loyalist were John Johnson & William Franklin on? Loyalist
Which event was known as "Shot heard around the world?" Battles of Lexington & Concord
Which event happened first: Stamp Act, French & Indian War or Boston Tea Party? French and Indian War
Created by: jkm1123
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