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Rome - World Civ

World Civilizations I Rome

Rome was conquered by the _______. Etruscans
Area of government, Center of Rome in between the hills. Forum
Number of Consuls. Two
Power to Lead Imperium
The senators and heriditary blue blood of Rome were known as______. Patricians
Regular people, make up 95% of Roman population, much richer than Patricians. Plebeians
Created to make the rich Plebeians happy. Sort of like the Supreme Court. Tribune
Length of time a dictator may be appointed in times of crisis in Rome 6 months
The empire Rome runs up against in 3 bloody wars and ends up wiping out to make an example of: Carthage
Wars between Carthage known as: Punic Wars
Chief proponents of social reform: Tiberius and Gaius Gracchi
General who placed Rome under military occupation and hunted down his enemies Gaius Marius
General who succeeded Marius Lucious Cornelius Sulla
General who conquered Gaul and marched on Rome and came to power (Greatest military figure ever!) Julius Caesar
Augustus Caesar's real name Octavian
Octavian's principal rival Mark Antony
Name given to Octavian's position Principate
3 elements of stability according to Octavian 1) establishment of himself as principate 2) More effective Beurocracy 3) Army
The 200 years of Roman peace Pax Romana
Roman army consisting of about 400,000 men Legion
3 reasons for extensive road networks: 1) Communication 2) Army movement 3) movement of merchandise
In Roman law you are: Guilty until proven innocent
Roman law: 1) had judicial review 2) was standardized in every part of Rome
System used for clean water and to lessen disease Aqueducts
Escaped slave who gathered an army of more than 70,000 slaves Spartacus
The 26 emperors that Rome had during periods of military generals coming to power: Barracks Emperors
Brutal emperor who splits Roman empire into two parts: Diocletion
Diocletion's successor, builds Constantinople Constantine
Emperor during the plague that killed 1/3 of the Roman population Marcus Aurelius
Mentally unstable Emperor that sends Rome into a period of instability Commodus
Sect of Jews that broke apart to escape Roman persecution Essenes
The Son of God =) Jesus of Nazareth
Disciple who was principally responsible for the expansion of Christianity beyond Judaism Paul of Tarsus
Emperor who legalizes Christianity Constantine
Emperor who makes Christianity the official religion of Rome Theodosius
Hierarchical Church Pope, Patriarch, Bishop, Priests, etc.
Councils that standardize the beliefs of Christianity Nicaea and Chalcedon
Empire that lasts 1000 years after the Roman empire falls Byzantium
Two main enemies of Byzantine empire: 1) Sasanid Empire 2) Nomadic Peoples
Position held by Byzantine emporer b/c of his position as head of church and state Caesaropapism
Emperor who rebuilds Constantinople Justinian
Definitive set of laws standardized for all of the Byzantine empire Justinian's Code
General who conquered much of the original Roman empire for the Byzantine's that Justinian feared was becoming too powerful: Belisarius
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