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unit 4: Europe vocab


Landlocked Countries that do not border an ocean or sea.
Deciduous trees Trees which loose their leaves in the fall.
Coniferous trees Evergreens; trees with needles and pine cones.
Ethnic group A group of people with shared ancestry, language, and customs.
Welfare state A country in which the government is the main provider of support for the sick, the needy, and the retired.
Fertility rate The average number of children born to each woman.
Secular People's attitudes become nonreligious.
Constitutional monarchy A government with a king or queen as the head of state and elected officials run the government.
Parliamentary democracy A government with a prime minister, the head of parliament , and elected officials.
Bog Low swampy land.
Productivity The measure of how much work someone does in a specific amount of time.
Geysers Hot springs that shoot hot water and steam into the air.
Fjords Narrow inslets of the sea.
Geothermal energy Electricity produced by natural underground sorces of steam.
Specialization To focus efforts on certain activities to make the best use of resources.
Bilingual Using and speaking two languages fluently.
Multinational companies Firms or companies that do buisness in several countries.
Neutrality A refusal to take sides in a war.
Autonomy Self rule.
Ethnic cleansing Removing or killing an entire ethnic group.
Subsidies Special payments a government makes to support a group or industry.
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