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50's and 60's

American Destiny Chapters 28 & 29

What provided veterans with education and training programs to help continue their education, learn trades, or start new businesses? GI Bill of Rights
What federal law outlawed boycotts and obliged union leaders to declare they were not communist? Taft-Hartley Act
The policy concerning stopping the spread of communism in Asia and Europe was known as what? Containment
What foreign policy, proposed by President Truman, provided financial aid to Greek and Turkish governments under the threat of communists rebels Truman Doctrine
The massive infusion of American aid to rebuild Europe after WWII was called.. The Marshall Plan
In response to a Soviet blockade of the city the U.S. delivered supplies to the people by air. This effort became known as... The Berlin Airlift
Truman's program for expanded economic opportunity and civil rights was known as the.. Fair Deal
What was the military mutual-defense pact formed by the United States, Canada, and European nations? North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
The Soviet Union began the space race with on a high note because of their successful launch of.. Sputnik
The generation that grew up during the Great Depression before going on to fight in WWII became known as what because of their significant achievements? The Greatest Generation
What did East Germany build to separate itself from the noncommunist West Germany? Berlin Wall
The America-organized effort to invade Cuba and remove Fidel Castro from power that led to a fiasco when 1500 Cuban exiles were waiting became known as... Bay of Pigs Fiasco
What was the showdown between the U.S. and the Soviet Union after the Soviets secret supplying of nuclear missiles in Cuba called? Cuban Missile Crisis
What was Lyndon B. Johnsons legislative agenda focusing on poverty and the results of poverty called? Great Society
As part of Johnsons Great Society he enacted what act that created a mixture of programs to help those in poverty? Economic Opportunity Act of 1964
As part of the Great Society, President Johnson created what health insurance program for people over the age of 65? Medicare
During the 1950's the noncommunists who rejected conventional standards became known as what? Beat School
What congressional action gave the President authority to deploy U.S. troops in Southeast Asia that led to the escalation (and U.S. involvement) of the Vietnam war? Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
What treaty, signed by the U.S. and the Soviet Union, restricted the testing and deployment of nuclear missiles? Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT)
What was the complex scandal during the election of 1974 that later led to the fall of the Nixon administration? Watergate Scandal
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