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SS Review for CA 4


landlocked Surrounded by land on all sides by land
Chao Phraya River most important river in Thailand
Malay Peninsula is rich in mineral resources and the lush rain forest provides a habitat for thousands of plants and animal species
Vietnam Chinese culture arrived in this region when the Chinese invaded
dialect regional variation of a main language (ex: y'all)
Chinese export porcelain
Meditation using concentration to quiet and control your thoughts
educated workforce workers are better skilled and educated to work with current technologies
Indonesia migration unify a fragmented country
Malaysia internet challenged government versions of the truth
location near trade routes helps all cities succeed economically
One Child Policy China hoped to reduce its population
difference in North and South Korea North Korea is communist and South Korea is democratic
Confucianism teaches rulers and subjects have to act properly
Chairman Mao Government controlled farms and industry.
urban city life
rural country life
Created by: conroeisd
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