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chapter 28 and 29

What act restricted the activities and powers of labor unions? Taft-Hartley Act
Which policy was written in the doctrine to stop soviet imperialism throughout the cold war? Truman Doctrine
What plan was instated to by American aid to rebuild Europe after WWII? Marshall Plan
This was where the Americans would bring in aid such as food, water, and fuel to the people of Berlin. Berlin Airlift
This is a security alliance that protects the northern Atlantic area. NATO
Who was the war hero that that got recruited to run for both parties and lead the D-Day invasion? Eisenhower
When the Soviets detonated the atom bomb, Truman wanted what to be made? The hydrogen bomb
What satellite was launched into space by Russia that started the great Space Race. Sputnik
what two countries was the cold war between? Russia and USA
What court case led to the desegregation of schools? Brown v. Board of Education
What did JFK do to separate East and West Germany? He had the Berlin Wall built
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? This was where Russia sent their missiles to Cuba to be launched at the United States
Who were the Bay of Pigs? a group of soldiers that invaded Cuba to take out Castro, but failed.
This act made judging people by their race, color, religion, sex, or national origin illegal. Civil Rights Act of 1964
What is the idea of a Great Society? where poverty no longer exists
What type of aid is given to those 65 and older? Medicare
This act protects black people when they vote. Voting Rights Act of 1965
who took over office when JFK got assassinated? Lyndon B. Johnson
The Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty did what? limited what the countries could make and use
Richard Nixon got impeached for what? Watergate Scandal
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