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Thisis for the cold war

Learning from the mistakes of the past, the United States accepted its role as a world.... SuperPower
Helping rebuild Europe and Japan and taking the leading role establishing the..... The United Nations
The United States instituted George C. Marshall's plan to rebuild Europe, which provided massive finiacial aid to rebuild European economics and prevent the spread of communism...... The Marshall Plan
Germany was partitioned into(blank) and ( black) Germany? East and West
East Germany remained under the (blank) of the Soviet Union and did not adopt democratic institutions. Domination
Following it's defeat, Japan was (blank) by American forces. It soon adopted a democratic form of government, resumed self-government and became a (blank blank) of the United States occupied, strong ally
The United Nations was formed near the end of World War 2 to create a body for the nations of the world try to prevent.. Future global wars
The United States was.... Capitalist, and Democratic
The Soviet Union was... Communist and Dictatorial
Cold War can also be known as the... State Of Tension
The Cold War was the central orgainizing principle in (blank and blank) for 40 years. Foreign Affairs
The tension between the ( blank) and the ( blank) caused divisiveness at home abroad. United States and Soviet Union
The Soviet Union had a domination of what countries? East Europe Countries
American Policy Of What? Containment
What does NATO stand for? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Vs the what? Warsaw Pact
South Korea and The United States resisted Chinese and North Korean aggression. The conflict ended in a stalemate. What is this war. Korean War
The United States intervened to stop the spread of communism into South Vietnam. What is this war? Vietnam War
Occurred when the Soviet Union placed missiles in Cuba. The Soviets removed the missiles in responses to a U.S. blockade of Cuba. What war is this? Cuban Missile Crisis
What idea did America believe that if one country fell to communism others aound it would become communist as well? Dominio Theory
What is Cease Fire? The U.S. questioned if they should be involved military wise with Vietnam, it ended with U.S. troops withdrawl
Busniess converted from the production of war materials to .. Consumer goods
Americans Purchased Good ... On Credit
......merged and became powerful, workers gained new benefits and higher salaries Labor Unions
Work force shifted back to men and what did women go back to? family responsiblities
The next generation of women entered the ......... in large numbers labor force
The....... a symbol of divison between the communist east and democratic west, was destroyed. Berlin Wall
The Soviet Union broke up into ..... Independent countries
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