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The new deal ch 26

Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) In return for withdrawing part of their land from cultivation, farmers received "rental payments" from this act.
National Industrial Recovery Act Created structure for business and labor to cooperate to make particular industries more profitable
Manhattan Project Scientists trying to develop an atomic bomb, in secret.
Tennessee Valley Authority A new deal agency that built and operated dams and power plants on the TN River.
Axis Power Term for alliance between Nazi Germany , Italy, and Japan.
National recovery administration Gov. Agency to supervise drafting and operation of business codes.
Wagner Act Gave workers the right to bargain and prohibit employees from interfering with union organizational activities in their factory.
Blitzkrieg A word Hitler taught meaning lightning War supported by tanks and aircraft.
Neutrality Acts Acts passed to prevent the US from being drawn into a wider war.
Civilian Conservation Corps Provided jobs for men between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five in reforestation and conservative projects.
New Deal Programs designed to stimulate the economy.
The dust bowl Ecological disaster by drought and over cultivation
Lend-Lease Act Empowering the president to sell, lend, lease, or transfer 7 billion of war material to any country whose defense he declared vital
Social Security Act A new deal that established a system of old age, unemployment, and survivors insurance funded by wage and payroll taxes
Federal Emergency Relief Act Gave federal money to states and localities to provide relief of poor
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