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Chapter 17

European Renaissance and Reform

Who was the Medici family? They were a family that had total control over the banking system and Trade in Italy.
The renaissance was the rebirth/rediscovery of... greek and roman knowledge.
The renaissance was the revival of ... art and learning.
What was the philosophy of the renaissance? Humanism.
What is humanism? A renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements.
From when did the Renaissance last from? 1300 to 1600
What were the advantages Italy had that made it the Birthplace of the Renaissance. Thriving cities,wealthy merchant class, classical heritage of Greece and Rome.
Who were the patron of arts? The wealthy families and the Church.
What was a "universal man"? A man who excelled in many areas of study.
Who were the best known Christian Humanists? Thomas More and Desiderius Erasmus.
What does Utopia mean? "No place"
Who was Wiliam Shakespeare and what did his works examine. He was the best playwriter of the Elizabethan Age and his wokrs examines human flaws.
Who developed the printing press? Johann Gutenberg.
What did the religious movement become? It became a poilitical/social movement.
Why did Henry VIII want to annul his marriage? He waned his mariage annuled because he thought his wife would not be able to give him a male heir at her age.
What happened as the church's power declined? The monarchs gained more power.
Why did Henry VII break from the catholic church? The Pope would not annul his marriage.
What is the concept of predestination? The idea that God knows from the beginning of time which sould will be saved and souls who aren't going to be saved.
What were the followers of John Knox called? Presbyterians
What were the followers of Luther called? Lutherans.
These people Refused to fight in war and shared their possessions. They taught that church and state should be separate. Catholics and protestants persecuted them. Anabaptists.
Theese people mission was to convert Convert non-christian to catholicism.Bring an end to protestantism Convert non-christian to catholicism. Bring an end to protestantism Jesuits.
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