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1950s and 1960s

Chapter 28 and 29

What was passed that made it illegal for employers to only hire members of a union and made unions confirm they were not communists? Taft-Hartley Act
What provided the countries of Greece and Turkey with money so that they would not turn to Communism? Truman Doctrine
After World War II, what eventually became known as the ERP and provided money to Europe to help rebuild their economies over 5 years? Marshall Plan
What occurred thanks to the blockade by the Soviets that provided Berlin citizens with food and supplies by air? Berlin Airlift
After the New Deal what was created by President Truman to improve civil rights and economic opportunity? Fair Deal
What was a treaty signed by several allied countries in North America and Europe that stated if one country was attacked the other countries would attack that aggressive country? North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
What was a top secret policy that allowed for the military to be used to help stop communism, also known as containment? NSC-68
What was it called when the United States wanted to keep communism in one area and tried to stop it from spreading to other parts of the world? Containment
Which court case overturned the ruling of Plessy v. Ferguson by saying that segregated education was unconstitutional? Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
What conference was organized by Martin Luther King Jr. and promoted nonviolent mass protests to help support the cause of civil rights? Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
What did President Kennedy call his policy that came after the New Deal and was aimed at foreign policy and exploring space? New Frontier
What did Eisenhower call the relationship between the military and the contractors for the military? Military-Industrial Complex
What was the wall that separated East and West Berlin due to East Berlin being communist and West Berlin not being communist? Berlin Wall
What was a failed military operation in which the United States tried to overthrow Cuba's communist government? Bay of Pigs Fiasco
What was it called when the USSR placed nuclear missiles in Cuba and aimed them at the US resulting in JFK ordering a blockade around Cuba? Cuban Missile Crisis
What civil rights group was made up of mostly college kids and was a major advocate of "black power"? Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
What was passed in 1964 that not allowed did not allow for discrimination on the basis of color but also gender, religion, national origin, and others? Civil Rights Act of 1964
What did President Johnson call his unpopular agenda to end poverty, increase housing, improve healthcare, and to promote civil rights? Great Society
What was passed in 1975 that was for people over the age of 65 and provided them with government assistants on hospital and doctor bills? Medicare
What allowed the federal government to step in when African Americans were denied the right to vote, particularly in the southern states and towns? Voting Rights Act of 1965
What was the group called that did not conform to traditional ways of dressing and sexually standards and also created music and literature that respected culture, society, and art? Beat School
What was a group of Democratic college students that protested the Vietnam War, how workers were treated, and racial bigotry? Students for Democratic Society (SDS)
What gave the President authority to use troops to help stop Southeast Asian aggression? Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
What was a failed attempt by North Vietnam to try to overthrow the communist government of South Vietnam and helped to convince America North Vietnam would lose the war? Tet Offensive
What was the strategy called that was meant to weaken Communist China and the USSR's bonds towards the end of the Cold War? D├ętente
What was signed by the US and the USSR to limit the amount of nuclear guided missiles allowed to be tested and deployed? Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT)
Which federal program was created to help keep the environment safe and clean? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
What scandal ended with President Nixon's resignation due to the cover-up of a break in that had occurred at the Watergate in which documents were stolen? Watergate Scandal
What court case that resulted in the proof of Nixon's involvement in the Watergate scandal due to Nixon having to turn over White House audiotapes to the prosecutor? United States v. Richard M. Nixon
What was the first spacecraft to be launched into orbit and sparked the United States drive to put a man on the moon first due to this being from the USSR? Sputnik
What did Congress pass in 1944 to help returning veterans by providing them with opportunities to better their education, trade skills, and businesses? GI Bill of Rights
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