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OCS AH2 U8 Test

Social Media During the 2000’s, ___________ such as Myspace and Facebook changed the way people connected with others around the world.
Cultural Divide Because of partisan politics, we now have a _____________ in our society where many people tend to side with either Republicans or Democrats.
Obama Care The Affordable Care Act, also known as ___________, is the largest reform to health care since the addition of Medicare and Medicaid.
MTV This network was the first to bring 24-hour a day music.
Internet The spread of the _______ was the biggest advancement during the 1990s and allowed people instant access to information.
Partisan Politics ______________ refers to people who strongly support one political party and refuse to compromise.
Information Age The ______________ began in the 1980’s when many new technology inventions become affordable such as the personal computer (PC) and cell phone.
Barack Obama This President was the first to use the Internet effectively to organize his supporters.
Hillary Clinton/Democratic Party Who was the first woman to be nominated president by a major political party and what was that party?
Donald Trump Who won the Presidential election in 2016?
Obama Care and killing Bin Laden Name two accomplishments of President Barack Obama.
Newspapers and magazines Name two forms of media that were hurt by the growth of the Internet.
Created by: karen.pharr



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