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C17 West Transformed

Abolished slavery and involuntary servitude Thirteenth Amendment
Made former slaves US citizens and provided equal protection for all citizens Fourteenth Amendment
after gold was discovered in Black Hills U.S. gov't offered to buy fm Sioux but this leader along with Crazy Hose left reservation and continued to fight whites Sitting Bull
led his tribe in 75-day running battle with U.S. Army when gov't ordered removal of the Nez Perce for Wallowa Valley in OR Chief Joseph
cavalry colonel who became 2nd commander to lead his men in perfectly designed & executed trap in which he & all his men were killed Custer
in CO Chivington's militia attacked & killed 400 Indians in cold blood - they had been promised immunity, were peaceful, & harmless Sand Creek Massacre
policy which suggested that Indians would be better off it they abandoned their culture and adopted white man's culture Americanization
last major clash between U.S. troops and indians; occurred when the army was sent to end the sacred Ghost Dance Wounded Knee Massacre
best selling book which detailed how time and again "Christian" whites had cheated "savage" Native Americans of their land A Century of Dishonor
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