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EOC Review_Batch 1

Review of first 12 items

Billy Graham Influential evangelical Christian minister and adviser to several presidents during the late 20th century
Barry Goldwater 1964 Republican candidate for President and first candidate of the Conservative movement
Sandra Day O'Connor First female Supreme Court Justice
Hillary Clinton Former first lady, Senator from New York; former Secretary of State in President Barack Obama's administration.
Beat Generation Young poets and artists of the 1950's who were rebelling against the consumer culture of their parents
Chicano Mural Movement Out-growth of Chicano civil rights; developed into full artistic movement in the paintings of large murals on the walls of buildings, etc.
Dolores Huerta Civil Rights activist who worked with Cesar Chavez to improve conditions for Hispanic farm workers in California
Sonia Sotomayor First Hispanic woman on the Supreme Court
Oprah Winfrey Successful African American female businesswoman and founder of a media empire
"In God We Trust" America's motto added to coins and money the 1950's to distinguish America from Russia, which outlawed religious practices.
"E. Pluribus Unum" "From many, one," indicates how our culture and society is a product of many peoples coming together and unifying.
Roy Benavides Vietnam war soldier and Congressional Medal of Honor winner.
Created by: mr.morrow247



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