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Stack #2509634

Eisenhower doctrine Enunciated by president Dwight Eisenhower
Truman doctrine Was a foreign policy created to counter soviet geopolitical
Arms race A competition between nations for superiority in the development
38th parallel Is a circle of latitude that is 38 degrees north of the earth
Limited war A war which weapons used, the nations or territories involved
Cold war Was a state of geopolitical tensions after world war 2
Satellite state A country that is formally independent in the world
ICBM Intercontinental ballistic missile
Baby boom A period marked by a significant amount increase of birth rate
Consumerism The protection or promotion of the interest of consumers
Nuclear family A couple and their dependent children regards as a basic social unit.
Space race Russian and the US And the race space
Blacklist A list of people or product viewed with suspicion or disapproved
Interstate highway Act Building highways
Mutually assured destruction is a doctrine of military strategy
Brinkmanship The art of practice of pursuing a dangerous policy
Iron curtain The national barrier separating the former soviet
NATO The North Atlantic treaty organization
Warsaw Pact treaty of friendship, co-operation, and metal assurance
Created by: Aqueen