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Vocabulary quiz 4/20

tariff tax on foreign goods brought into a country
faction group inside a political party or other group
unconstitutional not permitted by the Constitution
immigrant person who enters a country in order to settle there
sedition stirring up rebellion against a government
nullify to cancel
democratic ensuring that all people have the same rights
laissez-faire idea that government should play as small a role as possible in economic affairs
judicial review power of the Supreme Court to decide whether acts of a President or laws passed by Congress are constitutional
expedition long journey or voyage of exploration
smuggler person who violates trade laws by illegally taking goods into or out of a country
neutral not taking sides in a war
impressment act of forcing someone to serve in the navy
continental divide mountain ridge that separates river systems flowing toward opposite sides of a continent
embargo ban on trade with another country
nationalism pride in one's nation
Created by: KRago