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Modern America

Al Gore He was Vice President for Clinton and lost the 2000 presidential election to George w. Bush in one of the closest elections in history
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act This 2009 Act increased the role of the federal government by increasing government spending to jump start the economy
Balkans Crisis After the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 wars between former Soviet nations led to this humanitarian crisis and charges of ethnic cleansing
Barack Obama He was elected as the first African American president in the 2008 election
Bill Clinton This president was impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate for perjury involving a political scandal
Bill Gates He was a very successful entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley computer industry and founded Microsoft in the 80s
Camp David Accords A peace treaty between Egypt and Israel (helped by Pres Carter) to resolve long-term disputes
Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 Pass by Congress to reduce discriminatory credit practices against low-income neighborhoods
Contract with America This was published by the Republican party, outlining their conservative policies towards taxes, spending and government size.
D├ętente Nixon's foreign policy meaning a relaxation of tensions and peaceful competition with the Soviet Union
Election of 2000 This election ended up being decided by the US Supreme Court following a problem with the counting of ballots in Florida President George W Bush ended up winning the electoral vote over Al Gore. Bush ended up winning the electoral vote over Al Gore
Endangered Species This act passed in 1973. Nixon designed this law to protect species nearing extinction due to human interaction.
Energy crisis In 1973, US support for Israel led to an oil embargo by OPEC countries. This caused high gasoline prices for Americans and in some areas shortages at gas stations
Environmental Protection Agency Nixon created this federal agency to protect human health and the environment through rules and regulations
Estee Lauder She created the multi-million dollar cosmetic company with advertising campaigns using celebrities & free-gifts
GATT (Acronym) This organization was designed to reduce tariffs. It was later replaced by the World Trade Organization
Barry Goldwater A candidate for President in 1964. Defeated by Lyndon B. Johnson by one of the biggest landslides in US History. Many consider him to be the founder of the modern conservative movement within the Republican party
Billy Graham He has been a spiritual and moral adviser to many U.S Presidents. As a prominent Christian leader he spoke out against communism during the Cold War era. Most Presidents since Dwight Eisenhower have called upon Mr. Graham during times of crisis.
Heritage Foundation This was a political think tank during Reagan's presidency that sought to promote conservative policies
Hillary Clinton The First Lady appointed to bring national attention to health care reform
Hurricane Katrina This hurricane led to the evacuation of 80% of New Orleans. It holds the record for the highest storm surge and costliest hurricane. President Bush was blamed for the inadequate response and subsequent loss of life.
Iran Contra Affair Arms sales to Iran in exchange for the release of U.S. Hostages by the Reagan Administration. Arms were later sold illegally to Nicaraguan Contras.
Iranian Hostage Crisis "In 1979, militants held the US Embassy hostage for 444 days. Carter's greatest challenge and led to his defeat in 1980.
Robert Johnson The founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET). He was the first African American billionaire following the sale of his television network to Viacom
Marines Reagan sent these to oversee the evacuation of the PLO forces in Lebanon. During the mission their barracks were bombed.
Medicare During Clinton's first term, he appointed his wife to chair a committee to focus on the future and reform of this health care program.
Moral Majority This was a highly influential conservative group of evangelical Christians successful in pushing social issues into presidential politics. Founded by Jerry Falwell.
NAFTA "(Acronym) This agreement passed by Clinton created a common market between Mexico and the US. removing trade barriers and tariffs
National Rifle Association This group was the largest political lobbying organization that sought to secure 2nd amendment rights
Richard M Nixon President of the United States that was instrumental in improving relations with China. He ushered in a period of ""detente"" which means a relaxation of tensions during the Cold War period. He later resigned following the Watergate Scandal.
OPEC (Acronym) This is the organization formed by oil-producing countries to control the supply and set prices. It was used as a political weapon when they imposed an oil embargo on the US for siding with Israel in the 1973 war.
Oprah Winfrey She is one of the world's wealthiest women and entertainers.She greatly impacted President Obama's campaign with her endorsement
Patriot Act In response to 9/11, Congress passed this act to provide law enforcement agencies more resources to combat foreign and domestic terrorism by allowing them to search private records.
Peace through Strength President Ronald Reagan's policy of building a strong peacetime military. The Soviet's attempt to keep up with the U.S. pushed their economy to the brink.
Persian Gulf War The U.S. led the UN to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait to secure oil reserves in the Middle East during this conflict.
Phyllis Schlafly An outspoken critic of the Equal Rights Amendment and Women's Liberation Movement. She believed it threatened the rights of wives and harmed family life
Ronald Reagan As President of the United States from 1981-1989, he was instrumental in helping end the Cold War and for pushing for more conservative policies. He sought to return more control to the states and decrease the size of the federal government.
Reagonomics Reagan's supply-side economic program using tax cuts, reducing the government size and spending, and decreasing inflation.
Sam Walton He changed the discount store market with the creation of Wal-Mart
Sandra Day O'Connor In 1981 Reagan nominated her as the first woman Supreme Court Justice
Sonia Sotomayer She was the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice
Lionel Sosa Born in San Antonio, Texas he is the founder of the largest Hispanic advertising agency in the US. Success in organizing campaigns for Hispanic candidates and as the Hispanic media consultant in six Republican campaigns. George W. Bush in 2004.
Strategic Defense Initiative This research program nicknamed Star Wars under Reagan that was designed to protect American from nuclear attacks from the Soviet Union
United Nations This international organization was created following World War II with the hope that it would prevent future world wars
War on Drugs In the late 70's and 80's, this campaign fought the new levels of poverty, crime, & drug addiction in the inner cities.
War on Terror "After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon the U.S. began this campaign to fight terrorism. This war led to the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the deaths of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.
Watergate This political crisis during Nixon's term involved a failed break-in of the Democratic headquarters and ended with Nixon's resignation
World Trade Center This location was one of the targets hit during the 9/11 attack
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