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History 109

Chapter 26

What act allowed farmers to receive rental payments for withdrawing part of their land from cultivation? Agricultural Adjustment Act
Blitzkreig uses what time of military machinery to fight with? Tank and Aircraft
What powers fused conflicts in Europe and Asia, turning their struggle into a global war? Axis Powers
When congress appropriated $500 million dollars for the relief the needy what corps was created? Civilian Conservation Corps
What were the two main problems that caused the Civilian Conservation Corps? Unemployment and Industrial Stagnation
What was the top secret atomic bomb program called? Manhattan Project
What administration supervises the drafting and operation of business codes? National Recovery Administration
What act forbade the sale of munitions to all belligerents whenever the president should proclaim that a state of war existed? Neutrality Act of 1935
What programs are designed to stimulate the economy? New Deal Programs
What act set up a system of old age insurance? Social Security
What was the social security act financed by? Taxes on wages and payrolls
What did Roosevelt propose that implemented a broad experiment in social planning? Tennessee Valley Authority
What gave workers the right to bargain collectively and prohibited employers from interfering with union activities in their factories? Wagner Act
What day did Roosevelt declare a a nationwide bank holiday? March 5
What was the purpose of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation? (FDIC) Guarantee bank deposits
What was the Home Owners Loan Corporation established to do? Refinance mortgages and prevent foreclosures
What act hurt the sharecropping business? Agricultural Adjustment Act
What natural disaster happened and caused the western united states to "blow away"? Dust Bowl
What act built damns and helped deliver electricity to the Appalachian region? Tennessee Valley Authority
What administration help around 8.5 million people find employment? Works Progress Administration
Created by: Taylor.T.