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Exam 3

Class Reveiw Questions

What is the term used as an expression of an opinion issue by a legislative body? Simple Resolutions
There is a tactic used by members of the Senate to prevent action on a piece of legislation they oppose by continuing holding the floor and speaking until the majority gives up. What is the term used to describe this? Filibuster
What is the number of members is a Conference Committee? 10 total members, 5 from the House appointed by the Speaker, and 5 from the Senate appointed by the Lt. Governor
What is the longest filibuster preformed and what was the name of the individual that did it? 43 hours by Bill Myer(1977)
What is the term used whereby the governor seeks the indication that a senator from the candidates home supports the governors nomination? Senatorial Courtesy
Regarding the military and police power of the governor of Texas which group is under the control of the governor when they are not under presidential orders? National Guard
What is the term used to describe the district in which one officials elected rather than multiple officials? Single-Member District
What is the name of the outside group for convincing legislatures for supporting the interest of a piece of legislation they specifically support? Lobbyist
What is the reason a governor of the state of Texas can remove his/her appointee with 2/3rds vote from the Senate? Cause
What is the name of the negotiations that let the governor and legislature leaders reach compromises prior to the legislative session? Pre-Session Bargaining
How long can a governor post-pone an execution? 30 days
What year did Texas pass a constitutional amendment to establish The Board of Pardons and Parole? 1936
What is the name of the group for drawing district lines if the legislature fails to do so? Legislative Redistricting Board and also groups of the Plural Executive
What is the name o the case which affirmed districts must be applied equal in population? Reynolds vs. Simms
What is the term used to describe district lines drawn to increase the political power of a specific group? Gerrymandering
Name the top three campaign contributors in Texas House races.
What is the name of the first bill placed on the senate calendar? Blocking Bill
What is the process of slowing down the whole legislative process by maximizing debate, amendments, and points of order in minor bills to prevent consideration of major bills? Chubbing
Define Germane Relevant to a subject under consideration
Explain how a legislature becomes a member of the speakers team. The speaker of the house has to like them and in order for them to like them they have to know they voted fore them to become speaker of the house.
What were the two legislative issues that Wendy Davis filibustered? Abortion and Education
Explain the three major riles when the governor calls for a special session. Can only last 30 days, has to stay on topic, and
What is the method used to take votes on a piece of legislation in the Texas Legislature? Voice Votes
What body has the special power to confirm or reject the governors appointments to state office? Senate
What year was the last census taken to determine how district lines are broken up? 2010
Created by: mitchjohnson1
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