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What did the new deals do? Promote the economy during the Great Depression.
What was the CCC? Civilian conservation Corps
What did the CCC do? Provided jobs for men and some women
What did the National Recovery Administration do? (NRA) A government agency that supervised the drafting and business codes
The CIO became an organization for unionizing workers in a factory, what did the AFL do to them? Expelled them
How w did the dust bowl affect the Great Depression? The dust bowl pushed families out of their homes and made growing anything almost impossible.
Most farmers ______________ their farms during the Great Depression. Abandoned
Rosevelts TVA was a program intended to do what? Promote soil conservation, reforestation, and industrialization.
what was the difference between the FERA and the WPA? The FERA was focused more on giving money and the WPA was giving the people jobs.
The Second New Deal or the Wagners Act led to the creation of __________ ________ ____________ ________, which kept employers from interfering with union activities. National Labor Relations Board
The Social Security Act was a system of ____________. Insurance
A series of sit down strikes led to The U.S Steel company recognizing the CIO and raising wages and making a 40 hour week.
Who's influence led to women getting more important positions than ever before ? Eleanor Roosevelt
Define Blitzbreig lightning war, spearhead by tanks and supporting air craft
Roosevelt's Manhattan project was a .. top-secret atomic bomb program that was established after scientists warned about Germany trying to develop one.
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