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US His. Final Words

Information to know for the SB final

Causes of the Great Depression A weak economy, poor distribution of purchasing power, an unbalanced business system, the Dust Bowl, the run on the banks, the misuse of credit.
Vietnamization President Nixon's policy that detailed the U. S. withdrawal from Vietnam
Vietnam War Timeline Before the U.S. joined the war, Fran had military there, but were defeated in 1954
New Deal President's Roosevelt's attempt to get America back on track after the Great Depression
McCarthyism A term given regarding the mass hysteria and fear about communists being in America after WWII.
SCLC Reverend Doctor Martin Luther was associated with this group
Cold War Events during the Cold War: McCarthyism, The Berlin Airlift, the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg .
Bay of Pigs Cuba's leader during the mounting tensions between USSR, US and Cuba was Fidel Castro
Cesar Chavez Led protests for better pay and benefits for field workers...A Civil Rights movement for Mexican-Americans
The Great Society Like the New Deal, this was President Johnson's programs to better America. They included programs designed to fight poverty, protect the environment, protect consumers and fight discrimination.
Saving money during the Great Depression Grew own food, sewed own clothes, preserved own food, started home businesses like taking on boarders, laundry services, baking....
The Highway Act of 1956 created 41,000 miles of expressways to connect major American cities.
Korean War At the 38th parallel, the country divided. The North became communist while the South remained democratic
Freedom rides Brought white civil rights workers together with black civil rights workers in this journey to bus terminals in the Deep South.
Watergate Many Americans have used Watergate to point out the success of the Constitution as a living document that applies to all Americans.
Pearl Harbor Occurred Sunday morning on December 7, 1941. Japanese destruction was high because kamikaze pilots hit the fuel storage tanks. Roosevelt described the attack as a “date which will live in infamy”
President Truman dropping the Atomic Bomb Truman justified dropping the bomb because he knew it would send a message to the U.S.S.R that communists should fear the United States.
Manhattan Project Referred to the American development of an atomic bomb
WWII and Hitler American soldiers fought alongside Chinese soldiers in the Burma campaign. Eighteen-thousand Japanese Americans joined the 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Millions of women left their work at home to take factory jobs during World War II
Women and WWII Women took on many typically male jobs as in working the factories. They worked as nurses, joined the military in different capacities, kept the home front going while supplying the troops overseas with goods, and when GIs returned, many were unemployed.
Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy's naval blockade led to agreements that ended it..
President Reagan’s presidency He served as president through most of the 1980s His administration faced scandal with the Iran Contra Affair He believed in supply-side economics
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution An authorization for the president to do what was necessary to protect U.S. forces
Reagonomics Cut high taxes so people would invest more in the economy
1950’s economic growth in the U.S. Two factors that sparked economic growth were consumer demand and the need for national defense.
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