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Where in the world did Islam begin? The Arabian peninsula
Explain why Southwest Asia is often reffered to as "The Middle East" The middle of Asia, which is in the eastern part of earth, is in the southwest.
Distinguish between monotheism and polytheism Polytheistic means beliveving in many gods and Monotheistic means beliving in one god.
Identify: Muhammad The prophet of Allah and spreader of his knoladge
Aproxemently when did the practice of Islam begin? 600 A.D.
How did Muhammad explain Jesus of Nazereth? Not the son of god but only a prophet
What is the name for a follower of islam? Muslim
What is the equivelent of the bible in islam? Koran
How are the Karan and Sunnah simalar? They are both holy books
What is the central belief of Islam? There is only one god
State the Five pillars of Islam 1. Faith 2.prayer 3. charity 4. fasting 5. pillgramage to Mecca
Define: Alms Food or money given to the poor
Give three reasons why islam spread so quickly 1. The Persian and Byzantine Empires were weak 2. Some people saw Muslims as liberaters of conquered people 3. They had a strong camel and horse calvalry.
Differentiate between a Sunni and Shi'ite Muslim Sunni muslims belive the leader shoud be elected and Shi'ites belive that the leader should be a reletive of Muhammad
Identify the two cultures that influenced Classical islam Persians and Greeks
Identify the "Language of Islam" Arabic
What three Feilds of mathematics that Classical Islam was able to expand upon the already existing knoladge. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry
What number system would most Europeons adapt by 1000 A.D.? Arabic
What invention in astronomy was developed during classical islam in reguard to charting/navegating Geometric view of the universe
What were some of the advancements made in the field of millatary science during this time period? Archery and gunpowder weapons were inproved, some fortifycations and seigecrafts were made.
Define textile Cloth or woven fabric
Define Metalurgy The mixing of metals to get new stronger metals
Upon what did art focus during classical islam? Patterns, Calligraphy, Metalwork, glasswork. ceramics.
What type of stucture was stressed in architecture during the time period of Classical islam? Mosque
What was the role of cities in classical Islam? Trade, Government, religion, safety, art, literature.
What are some of the cities that played a role in classical Islam that still exhist today. Mecca, Pamascus, Baghdad, Cairio, instanbul, Delhi
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