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Ch. 12 section 2

Important people, events, and places

American Moses Austin 1) 1821 - received first land grant 2) died before he could establish his colony 3) son - Stephen Austin
Stephen Austin 1) got permission to organize the colony 2) 300 Am. families settled TX 3) he was leader of the colony 4) Mexico passed laws for extremely low land prices 5) In return - become Mexican citizens, learn Spanish, become Catholic, and obey Mexican law
Mexican/U.S. Tensions 1) more Am. in TX than Mexicans 2) Am. did not adopt Mexican ways 3) U.S. offered to buy - Mexico said noTX 4) 1830 Mexican decree to stop U.S. immigration 5) trade between Tx & U.S. discouraged imposed tax 6) Policies angered Texans 6) prosperity died
Santa Anna 1) Am. settlers called for independence 2)Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna - president of Mexico 3)S. Austin traveled to request that the ban on Am. settlers be lifted & make TX a separate state of Mexico 4)Santa Anna agreed to lift the ban, but not the second
Santa Anna cont. 5)Austin sent letter to TX requesting independence begin 6) Letter intercepted/Austin arrested 7) Santa Anna became a dictator - overthrew 1824 Mexican constitution 8) Texans felt betrayed 9) Austin saw war coming
Independence Struggle 1) 1835 Tx rebels - open conflict 2) Santa Anna sent troops to punish rebels 3) Texans called for "volunteers" 4) many signed up 5) 12/1835 freed San Antonio from the Mexicans 6) Texan groups argued 7) wrote Texas constitution 4 days before the Alamo fell
Alamo 1) Santa Anna Marched north 2) found Texans barricaded at Alamo mission 3) Texans had cannons, no gunpowder 4) only 180 soldiers against several thousand 5) leaders - Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Wm. Travis 6) Travis sent aid messages through Mexican line
Alamo cont. 7) no aid arrived 8) fought for 12 days 9) Mexican cannon blasted through the Alamo's wall 10) Killed all the alamo defenders 11) only some women, children & servants survived 12) battle bought time for Texans to gather troops & supplies
Sam Huston 1) commander in chief of the Texas forces 2) troops ordered to leave Goliad 3) fought & surrendered to Santa Anna 4) Santa Anna executed them in the Goliad Massacre 5) Texans were outraged
Battle of San Jacinto 1) Texan army of 900 2) Texans launched a surprise attack 3) killed 600 & captured 700 including Santa Anna 4) 5/14/1836 Santa Anna signed treaty for independence of Texas
Road to Statehood 1) 9/1936 Sam Huston president of Texas 2)Mirabeau Lamar - V.P. 3)Houston wanted the U.S. to annex TX 4)Jackson refused 5) it would upset the balance of free & slave states 5) South favored annexation, North did not 6) Joined the U.S. in 1845 - James Polk
Road to Statehood cont. 7) North - got Oregon
Created by: mshellabarger