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Great Depression

Deflation Widespread fall in prices
Black Tuesday A name given to October 29, 1929 when stock prices fell sharply.
Dust Bowl The region that was worthless for farming due to drought and wind during the 1930s
Inflation An increase in prices or decline in purchasing power caused by an increase in the supply of money.
Speculation An involvement in risky business transactions in an effort to make a quick or large profit
Supply & Demand The forces that determine prices of goods and services in a market economy
Bank Holiday A day or several days when banks are closed and depositors cannot withdraw money
Depression A very severe and prolonged downfall in economic activity
Bonus Army A group of WWI veterans and their families who marched on Washington, DC in 1932 to demand the immediate payment for military service that had been promised.
Foreclosure To take away the right to redeem (typically houses or farms)
Hooverville A neighborhood in which people live in makeshift structures
Prosperity A successful, flourishing or thriving condition
Fireside Chats Radio talks made by FDR while he was president
Deficit Spending A government's spending of more money than it receives in revenue
Demagogue A person who gains power and popularity by arousing the emotions, passions, and prejudices of the people
New Deal FDR's program to alleviate the problems of the Great Depression focusing on relief, recovery, and reform
Great Depression A period lasting from 1929-1940 in which the U.S. economy was in a severe decline and millions of Americans were unemployed
Buying on Margin The purchasing of stocks by paying only a small percentage of the price and borrowing the rest.
Direct Relief The giving of money or food by the government directly to needy people
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