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Exam 3

Test Questions

What are the names of the only two ladies that served as governor for the state of Texas? Ma Ferguson(1925-27, 1933-35), and Ann Richards(1991-1995)
What year did Texas voters adopt a constitutional amendment that changed the governors term limit from two years to four years? 1972
Who sets the governors salary? legislature
There are _______ members of the Texas Senate, and state senators serve a _______ year term. 31/4
Texas House members differ from Texas Senate members because house members represent smaller districts and are subject to more frequent elections.
The Texas legislature meets in regular session 140 days each odd numbered year.
The agenda for a special session of the Texas legislature is set by the governor
The Texas legislature does not pass this type of bill or resolution: holiday resolution
Texas legislators do not investigate wrong doing by federal agencies
If a bill fails to pass the Texas House and Texas Senate in exactly the same form, the bill is sent to a conference committee
The ________ provides the governor with a powerful tool with which to bargain with the legislature. post-adjournment veto
Which state official, in large part, determines the total amount of money the legislature may appropriate? comptroller of public accounts
The lieutenant governor is the presiding officer of the texas tenate
The two most powerful political figures in the Texas legislature are the speaker of the house and the lt. governor
The Speaker of the Texas House is chosen by a majority of the members of the house whether democrat or republican
The chairs of the Texas House committees are both democrats and republicans
The ability of the Lt. governor and the Speaker of the House to control the final outcome of legislation comes from their power to appoint members of conference committees
In recent years, the Texas legislature has become more partisan.
An important issue for the legislature at least every 10 years is redistricting
Legislative districts in Texas are designed to benefit partisan interest
The election for governor of Texas is held in an off- year in order to prevent the presidential vote in texas from influencing the election of state officials.
The only constitutional method of removing the governor is impeachment and conviction
The governor's most effective power in controlling the executive branch of state government is the power of appointment
The governor's veto is absolute when it is a post- adjournment veto
The governor can grant pardons
Which member of the plural executive is appointed? secretary of state
The attorney general is elected independently of the governor
The land commissioner administers state land
Members of the plural executive are accountable to the legislature and voters
The Public Utilities Commission regulates some electric rates, local phone rates, maintains a website so consumers can compare electric rates, and maintains a "do not call" registry.
The Texas Department of Insurance has limited power to regulate insurance rates
The Railroad Commission of Texas regulates oil and gas production in the state
The State Board of Education has a major role in determining the books used in texas public schools
Which agency investigates the performance of state agencies and recommends weather an agency should be abolished, continued as is, or continued with changes? sunset advisory commission
Created by: mitchjohnson1