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New England Colones

New England Colonies

who is William Bradford organizing leader of the group of separatists. Governor of the pilgrims colony in Massachusetts.
What are pilgrims? group of separatists who wanted to separate themselves from the church of England. Landed in what became Massachusetts to have religious freedom.
What is the Mayflower? the ship the pilgrims sailed on to Massachusetts
What is the Mayflower compact? document created and signed by the pilgrims that stated they would all work together on rules for the colony.
What is Plymouth? The first landing place and first settlement in Massachusetts
Who is Squanto? Native American who taught pilgrims how to grow crops.
Who are the puritans? people who wished to purify the church of England by living a strict life and removing everything from catholicism
Who is John Winfrey? leader of the puritans and Massachusetts bay colony
What is the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Began by the puritans, included puritan towns and pilgrim town of plymouth
Why was education important? very important to puritans because all children had to read the Bible. towns with more than 50 people had to have a school house.
What is "City upon a hill"? speech by Winthrop encouraging the Puritans to lead by their Christian example
What is life like in the Puritan towns? very strict church and state were intertwined all people had to attend church on Sundays
Who is Roger Williams? founder of Rhode Island
Why was Roger Williams banished from Massachusetts: for saying Puritan life was too strict and wanting more religious freedom for speaking out agains mistreatment of Native Americans - said they should be paid for the land the English took from them
Who is Anne Hutchinson? she was banished from Massachusetts for speaking out against mistreatment of women. she held meetings for women in her home. given the choice to change her beliefs or leave Massachusetts, and she chose to leave
What did Rhode Island offer? Complete religious freedom
Who is Thomas Hooker? founder of Connecticut; puritan minister in Massachusetts who disagreed with voting laws. Thought all men should be able to vote, regardless of religion or wealth founded Connecticut and allowed all men to vote.
Who founded New Hampshire? founded by the Puritans who wanted to separate from Massachusetts' strict lifestyle.
Why did the pilgrims and puritans leave England? They wanted to practice their faiths without persecution, and did so in the colonies
What was life like in Puritan towns? very strict, all people had to be able to read the bible and attend church.
What was Puritan Education? the puritans wanted everyone to be able to read so that they could read the bible.
What three states were founded by the Puritans? Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire
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