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SS Final: Review


An invisible line on the Earth that goes vertical longitude
An invisible line on the Earth that goes horizontal latitude
A continent that is direcly above Africa Europe
The largest continent Asia
A problem that historians face many important sources have been destroyed or lost
Stories passed down from one generation to another by mouth oral tradition
The study of remains from the past cultures archeology
An object made by someone in the past artifact
Once people could build fires they could survive in the cold
Shaping stones to use in hunting is a kind of technology
Historians and detectives are alike because they use clues to solve mysteries
An extra supply of something surplus
Most significant development in human histoty was agriculture
A group of lands and people under one government empire
Egypt's supreme ruler pharoah
Paper made from reeds papyrus
People trained how to write hieroglyphics scribes
The pharoahs were what by their people worshipped
People who study ancient Egypt found out how to read heiroglyphics by studying Rosetta Stone
Most of Egypt is made of desert
A pharaoh who unified all of Egypt by overthrowing the king of Lower Egypt Menes
A pharaoh who organized a two year expedition to Punt, expanding trade Hatshepsut
Ordered construction of great pyramid Khufu
This made it hard to farm in southern Mesopotamia droughts and irregular floods
Israelites left Canaan and went to Egypt to find food
Hebrew law and governing religious belief and behavior was based on Ten Commandments
Sumerians system of writing cuneiform
Important hero to Sumerians Gilgamesh
This pharaoh built dams and attacked Sumerians Hammurabi
Mesopotamians made this irrigation system to control Euphrates and Tigris River canals and dikes
People may have left Mohenjo Daro because of an earthquake
Most of the water that floods the Indus River comes from snow from the Himalayas
This made historians think Mohenjo Daro had a strong government sewer system design
This is why historians don't know much about the Harappan civilization they haven't been able to translate their written records
Buddhism is different than Hinduism because the most important goal is to reach peace and end suffering
Hindu's are divided into groups called castes
This is what they called people if they broke the rules of their caste outcastes
Emperor Wudi was responsible for overseeing the construction of school
During the Shihuangdi's dynasty land was owned by nobles
Chinese is different from English because it has characters
Shihuangdi helped unify China by setting up a single system of money, measurement, and writing
Special priests who are believed to get messages from the gods oracles
The Shang used this to predict the future oracle bones
Loess made problems for the Huang Valley farmers because it clogged irrigation ditches
Two major seas of the "Greek World" Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea
Long poems such as Homers The Iliad and The Odyssey are called epics
Marketplace of an Athenian city agora
In Alexandria Alexander the Great was given the title pharaoh
A Greek philosopher who taught Alex to love philosophy and Greek ways Aristotle
Alex was able to spread Greek culture by blending it with other cultures
The traditional Olympic games began as a festival to honor Zeus
A city state was called this in Greece polis
This Greek city state was known for its military way of life Sparta
Because they believed in justice and fairness the Greeks developed a system which people made their own laws (reasonable ones)
Only these people had a right to vote male citizens
A philosopher who questioned Athenian wals customs and religion Socrates
A Macedonian king who conquered Greece and made it part of his empire Alex
A government ruled by a few rich powerful people oligarchy
What shape is Italy a boot
What is the island off of Italy (Hint: known as the ball being kicked) Sicily
The main river in Rome Tiber
Hills in rome seven
The plain where Rome is located Latium
This mountain range separates Italy from the rest of Europe Alps
Twelve Tables Where Roman laws were written down
Tribunes did this for the plebians worked to gain rights for plebians
Slaves debtors, criminals, and/or prisoners of war
Spinning so important for woman to know because they had to make clothes for family
Most children died before 12 in Ancient Rome because of war
Three main groups of people tied in early Rome were Latins, Greeks, and Etruscans
Japanese hold this geographical feature sacred Mt. Fuji
During Meji Restoration power was returned to Emperor
During WWII the US dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima
A deliberate attack on one group Holocaust
Separation of whites and blacks in Africa is called apartheid
Created by: hquigley
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